Migrating to WordPress

Migrating to WordPress

Posted by xandermol on 28/09/2013 in Site

I have decided to migrate my blog from Nucleus CMS to WordPress. Nucleus CMS was great when I started the blog, but WordPress meanwhile has way surpassed it in flexibility and capability. At the same time I moved the site to the new DreamPress service of Dreamhost. A very affordable VPS hosting solution optimised for […]

Moved (again) to a new host

After a year with my previous host I decided to move again as I wanted more flexibility and options. In the end I decided to move to Dreamhost.com after reading some very favourable stories about them online. Please let me know if you experience any glitches due to this move.

Migrated to Nucleus 3.24

Back when I made the first entry to this weblog I started this weblog with Nucleus as blogging software. I then gradually moved via Nucleus Extreme Edition to Blog:CMS. However, due to several annoying bugs, but most importantly the fact that support for Blog:CMS is basically a one-person (albeit most of the times a very […]

Photo pages migrated to new gallery software version

Today I have successfully migrated the gallery script of my photo pages from version 1.5RC4 to 2.01 of Exhibition Engine (EE). See more on the EE forums for information on this magnificent gallery script. Please give me a mail if you encounter migration errors.

Website redesign

The last two days I have spent my time updating my website in several aspects: Upgrade of the weblog engine from Blog:CMS v3.4 to v3.5.2 Redesign of the site layout to make it both simpler and more uniform. Apart from the DVD collection section, no frames are used anymore and the site is much less […]

WAP version of XanderMol.com weblog

Today I have upgraded to version 3.4.7 of Blog:CMS. One of the new features is that now a WAP version of my weblog is available. So surf to http://w.xandermol.com with your XHTML Mobile 1.0 capable mobile phone to check this out! And as always: please contact me in case of any remarks or encountered errors. […]

Upgraded to BLOG:CMS v3.4.4

Again an upgrade of the weblog software. As always I appreciate bug reports, errors and/or comments.

Now also database driven book collection online

Next to my online music collection (see next item), also my book collection is now database driven. Build using the same software, but now using Collectorz.com Book Collector.

New PHP solution for online music collection

Finally I have made a database driven solution for my online music collection instead of the old, hard to maintain and non-searchable static HTML pages. The music collection is now fully searchable and more flexible. I have build this PHP solution with the following software: Collectorz.com Music Collector MySQL Front PHP Maker My book collection […]

Upgraded to BLOG:CMS v3.2 Truly eXtreme

I have (again) upgraded the weblog engine running this site. I am now running BLOG:CMS v3.2 Donald Trump Edition, one of the most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing systems on the market, developed by Radek Hulan. As always, I like to hear when you have comments or encounter errors. !++1++! For a full overview of the […]