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Migrating to WordPress

WordPressI have decided to migrate my blog from Nucleus CMS to WordPress. Nucleus CMS was great when I started the blog, but WordPress meanwhile has way surpassed it in flexibility and capability. At the same time I moved the site to the new DreamPress service of Dreamhost. A very affordable VPS hosting solution optimised for WordPress. During migration this site is work in progress.


Migrated to Nucleus 3.24

Back when I made the first entry to this weblog I started this weblog with Nucleus as blogging software. I then gradually moved via Nucleus Extreme Edition to Blog:CMS.

However, due to several annoying bugs, but most importantly the fact that support for Blog:CMS is basically a one-person (albeit most of the times a very helpful person) venture, I decided to move back to Nucleus again.

Please report any glitches you might encounter.

For an overview of some of the reasons I choose to migrate:



Website redesign

The last two days I have spent my time updating my website in several aspects:

  • Upgrade of the weblog engine from Blog:CMS v3.4 to v3.5.2
  • Redesign of the site layout to make it both simpler and more uniform. Apart from the DVD collection section, no frames are used anymore and the site is much less javascript heavy.
  • The weblog section is now XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, also the CSS used for the weblog passes the W3C CSS Validator. The other sections are not (yet) standards compliant because the scripts I use there are not compliant and I lack the knowledge and (especially) time to correct this myself.
  • With the help of a very friendly DVD Profiler forum user (thanks Fred!), I have installed an improved version of the phpDVDProfiler script for the DVD collection section. The old script was not compatible anymore with my increasing amount of DVD’s and the new DVD Profiler version.
  • The layout of all sections is made more uniform, the Book and Music collection sections are updated.

As always I like to hear any errors you might encounter and other things I have missed upgrading.

<%image(20050104-valid-xhtml10.png|88|31|Valid XHTML 1.0!)%>

<%image(20050104-vcss.png|88|31|Valid CSS!)%>


WAP version of weblog

Today I have upgraded to version 3.4.7 of Blog:CMS. One of the new features is that now a WAP version of my weblog is available. So surf to with your XHTML Mobile 1.0 capable mobile phone to check this out!

And as always: please contact me in case of any remarks or encountered errors. Alas my own phone (Nokia 7650) is not XHTML enabled, so I can’t test the wap page on my own mobile. But I already planned buying a new phone in the next three months anyway 😉


New PHP solution for online music collection

Finally I have made a database driven solution for my online music collection instead of the old, hard to maintain and non-searchable static HTML pages.
The music collection is now fully searchable and more flexible.
I have build this PHP solution with the following software:

My book collection will follow soon!
<%image(1/20040809-music_logo.gif|110|105| Music Collector)%>

<%image(1/20040809-mysqlfront.jpg|131|79|MySQL Front)%>
<%image(1/20040809-pmpmaker.png|464|142|PHP Maker)%>


Upgraded to BLOG:CMS v3.2 Truly eXtreme

I have (again) upgraded the weblog engine running this site. I am now running BLOG:CMS v3.2 Donald Trump Edition, one of the most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing systems on the market, developed by Radek Hulan.

As always, I like to hear when you have comments or encounter errors.


For a full overview of the features of BLOG:CMS v3.2, click the [read more] link.

BLOG:CMS Donald Trump

Edition contains advanced skins, 45 pre-configured plugins, fully compatible with table prefix, advanced CSS files, and much more. It generates XHTML 1.0

STRICT valid code.

Plugins included in BLOG:CMS v3.2 Donald Trump Edition:

  • NP_BlogWithOffset – display blog

    per page.

  • NP_Calendar – calendar with links to days you’ve posted.
  • NP_Chat – minichat / shoutbox plugin.
  • NP_CommentControl – comment control against trolls and spammers.
  • NP_CommentEditLink – edit all comments directly from your blog.
  • NP_CommentPreview – preview comments before being posted.
  • NP_CSS – CSS Style Switcher.
  • NP_CSSAdmin – CSS Style Switcher for

    Admin Area.

  • NP_EditControls – htmlArea – WYSIWYG editor for Nucleus CMS.
  • NP_FancierURL – URLs like /item/this-is-a-title instead

    of /?itemid=123.

  • NP_FancyText – phpBB like formatting, threaded discussion for comments, smilies.
  • NP_GZip – GZip your website to

    save bandtwith.

  • NP_HeaderNavigation – accesibility plugin.
  • NP_LatestComments – shows last 5 comments made.
  • NP_LatestDisc – shows last 5 discussions in 5 different articles.
  • NP_LatestItems – shows last 5 articles posted.
  • NP_Log –

    simple log for your blog.

  • NP_MailToAFriend – email an article.
  • NP_MostKarma – shows posts with most karma points.
  • NP_MostPopular – shows most commented posts.
  • NP_MostViewed – shows most viewed posts.
  • NP_Newsfeed – blogroll, works for your

    own blog too!

  • NP_OffsetArticles – links to next/previous 10 articles, titles, latest commets.
  • NP_OffsetEntriesLink – jump to

    next/previous set of articles.

  • NP_PageLinkList – go to page 1,2,3, etc.
  • NP_PDF – export article to PDF.
  • NP_Poll –

    run polls with multiple questions.

  • NP_Print – print your article.
  • NP_Random – display a random quote.
  • NP_Referrer – track who is linking to your website.
  • NP_Related – show local and google search results, related to your article.
  • NP_RSSBlog – RSS feed of last 20 comments made.
  • NP_RSSItem – RSS feed of current item.
  • NP_SearchHighlight – highhlight

    search results for users that came from and like.

  • NP_Table – create tables, lists, header files online.
  • NP_TrackBack – trackback for your articles.
  • NP_Viewed – article views counter.
  • NP_Weather – shows weather forecast for next 3

    days + current weather.

  • NP_WIE – who is online plugin.
  • NP_WordCount – count words in your article.
  • NP_XMLTools – RSS

    feed of complete articles, or only extracts.