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Wouter’s geboortekaartje

<%image(20100728-20090426-gebkaartvoorkant.jpg|301|300|Voorkant geboortekaart)%>

Klik Read more voor volledige kaart.
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Wouter is born!

We are proud of the birth of our son:

Wouter Martin Benjamin Mol

Wouter is born on 7 april 2009 at 00:04h. Weight 3195 gram and 50 centimetre tall.

<%image(20100724-Geboorte_Wouter_DSC01440.JPG|689|458|Wouter is born!)%>

Wouter has his own website at On that site more news and photo’s will follow (in Dutch).


Wouter is geboren!

Trots zijn wij op de geboorte van onze zoon

Wouter Martin Benjamin Mol

Wouter is geboren op 7 april 2009 om 00:04u en woog toen 3195 gram en was 50 centimeter lang.

<%image(20100724-Geboorte_Wouter_DSC01440.JPG|689|458|Wouter Mol, geboren 7 april 2009)%>

Meer foto’s en nieuws volgen.


Filming of Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule miniseries started, now named Legend of the Seeker

This is certainly a new TV series I am looking forward too: a 22 episodes TV series adaption of the first Terry Goodkind Sworth of Truth novel Wizard’s First Rule. They have named the TV series Legend of the Seeker, and filming has started in New Zealand.

Click here for the official website, click on More for watching the trailer (direct link to video here).

To follow the news on this project: this is a link to the RSS feed of the official newspage.

<%image(20080804-legendoftheseeker.jpg|720|180|Legend of the Seeker)%>


Budget Hero: play being the US president.

Great game: fun and educational as well. Have a try at being the US president and balance the US budget.

I did well myself: I wiped out the US national debt, achieved budget balance, revived the economy, while beeing a green and health & wellness champion at the same time. And it was surprisingly easy: just a 10% cut in the ridiculous US defense budget, raising the taxes to a much more sensible level and taxing polution for us Europeans gave me loads of money to invest in nice stuff. And it did not even kill the economy, it even revived the economy.

So try for yourself.

<%image(20080521-budget-hero.jpg|198|142|Budget Hero)%>

(via Boing Boing)