8 bit computers I used

8 bit computers I used

Posted by xandermol on 21/09/2018 in General

A gallery of all 8-bit computers I used and/or owned in my youth. I still own the Commodore 128D and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum+. Information on all these machines: Texas Instrument TI 99/4A Sinclair ZX-81 Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ Oric Atmos Commodore VIC-20 Commodore 64 Commodore Plus/4 Commodore 128    

Migrating to WordPress

Migrating to WordPress

Posted by xandermol on 28/09/2013 in Site

I have decided to migrate my blog from Nucleus CMS to WordPress. Nucleus CMS was great when I started the blog, but WordPress meanwhile has way surpassed it in flexibility and capability. At the same time I moved the site to the new DreamPress service of Dreamhost. A very affordable VPS hosting solution optimised for […]

My favourite iOS apps

My favourite iOS apps

Posted by xandermol on 23/03/2012 in Tech

(all links to the Dutch iTunes app store and to the iPad version if available) Essential: <%image(20120323-twitter.jpg|175|175|Twitter)%>Twitter To me the best Twitter client remains the official one <%image(20120323-facebook.jpg|175|175|Facebook)%>Facebook Also here, prefer the official client <%image(20120323-remote.jpg|175|175|Remote)%>Remote Essential to control my Apple TV <%image(20120323-ingbankieren.jpg|175|175|ING Bankieren)%>ING Bankieren Complete mobile banking solution <%image(20120323-shazam.jpg|175|175|Shazam)%>Shazam Never again keep guessing ‘What is […]

Moved (again) to a new host

After a year with my previous host I decided to move again as I wanted more flexibility and options. In the end I decided to move to Dreamhost.com after reading some very favourable stories about them online. Please let me know if you experience any glitches due to this move.

Reinier Mol is born!

Today, 6 May 2011 14:07h our second son is born: Reinier Jacob Christiaan Mol More information and his own website (reiniermol.eu) coming soon.

Moved to new hostingprovider

Due to some issues with my old hosting provider and the longer existing wish to move to servers located in the Netherlands, I have moved to a new webhost. (EDIT: Moved again, see above)

George Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ adapted to a TV series

Now that Legend of the Seeker has stopped, another fantasy epic will be adapted to a TV series. HBO will premiere a TV series based on George Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’. Can’t wait! Link to the HBO official site.