Help Firefox 3 to set a download record

Firefox will soon release version 3 that makes this already better than the rest browser even better. Help to make this memorable by joining in Download Day 2008: a world record attempt at the most downloads ever of a single file on a day.

Budget Hero: play being the US president.

Great game: fun and educational as well. Have a try at being the US president and balance the US budget. I did well myself: I wiped out the US national debt, achieved budget balance, revived the economy, while beeing a green and health & wellness champion at the same time. And it was surprisingly easy: […]

Julia Marcell album now finished

The waiting is over: the (at least by me) highly anticipated Julia Marcell Sellaband album, ‘It Might Like You’ has just been released for digital download. The first three tracks are free, the whole album is just a US$ 3.50 download. Go here for the downloads. Physical album sales will start later, but you can […]

New York 2008 Gallery online

A new gallery with photo’s from our trip to New York from 28 April to 4 May 2008 is now online.