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Julia Marcell at 50k!

I blogged earlier about Sellaband and Julia Marcell, but last Friday Julia Marcell reached the 50k at Sellaband in a record three months and three days since signing up, enabling her to record a CD! Especially the last race to the 50k was quite spectacular: over 10k in one day.

So the good news is that we will soon get a complete Julia Marcell album, the bad news is that you can not buy parts in her success anymore (of course you can but the CD when it is finished).

Congratulations Julia and can’t wait to receive the limited edition CDs!



Pet Shop Boys’ video with a message (in QR codes)

The new Pet Shop Boys video is using a very innovative way to get its message across: they use sublimal QR codes that, if you freeze the video and scan with your QR code scanner on your cellphone, leads you to websites about civil liberties. Which this they want to make a statement against the ‘”if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear” slogan much used to defend privacy threatening measures.

I checked it with the barcode reader on my Nokia N95 and it actually works.