Aim of this game is to evolve your virus and wipe out mankind as soon as possible. (Via Flabber)

If I dig a very deep hole…

This site uses Google Maps to show where you would end up if you dig a whole from where you are to the other side of the globe. Seems that I will be ending up swimming a long distance for New Zealand. (Via Flabber)

Stick remover

Nice little game where you have to remove sticks as much as possible without the structure collapsing. (Via Flabber)

First Fledgling chapter online as text and podcast

The first chapter of Fledgling, the new Liaden Universe novel that is going to be serialized online, has been published, both as readable text as podcast. (See also my previous post)

Get a First Life

Funny Second Life spoof. (Via Flabber)

The danger of a fully automated cake printer

This is what can happen if you have a fully automated cake printer without any human checking the result before sending the cake out. (Via Boing Boing and Engadget, original story)


What is for music is LibraryThing for books: a site that catalogues your book collection adds book suggestions and a social network to this catalogue. See the example below to see some excerpts from my book collection. It is also very easy to import from cataloguing software, like I did with an export file […]