Flickr time

Another web application with a very nice Flickr implementation: Flickr Time. You do need a high bandwith internet connection to use this though. (Via Life Hacker)

Give Us Back New York

Funny website trying to reinstate New York as a Dutch colony. They even made a trailer of what this would look like. (Via Flabber)

JPG Magazine: a photo magazine where you are the editor

Cool idea: combine a photo community with a print magazine and you get a photo magazine where the community is editor. I like the idea and have submitted a photo myself, of course a vote would be appreciated 😉 (Via Bright)

New PortableApps Suite released

All applications you will probably ever need to go on an USB stick… that is PortableApps.

Photo pages migrated to new gallery software version

Today I have successfully migrated the gallery script of my photo pages from version 1.5RC4 to 2.01 of Exhibition Engine (EE). See more on the EE forums for information on this magnificent gallery script. Please give me a mail if you encounter migration errors.

Spell with Flickr and Google Maps

With these nifty sites, Spell with Flickr and geoGreeting, you can spell with Flickr and Google Maps! geoGreeting makes even a nice animation out of it. (Via Lifehacker)

Spain photo’s online

Photo’s from the city trip to Madrid and Seville from 28 September to 4 October 2006.

Holiday season gaming t-shirts

These great T-shirts will get every game lover in the holiday season spirit. (Via and Popgadget)


Why didn’t somebody think of this earlier? PlugKing is a great concept to avoid the mess of adapter plugs when you have (as I do) gadgets bought all over the world with US and UK plugs, USB chargable gadgets and mobile phones with a different plugs alltogether. I want one of these! Alas no message […]

Overview of online advisors Dutch elections 22 November

Handy overview of all sites giving online advice for the coming Dutch elections (Dutch only). (Cartoon source)