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Finally received the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

Half a year ago I ordered the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock, this week I finally received the package. This alarm clock is advertised as being able to sense your sleep movements and calculate the optimal wake up time from that.

Last night was the first time I tried the clock, and indeed: it works! The clock woke me with nice bird chirping, 15 minutes before the time I had entered as deadline for waking up, but indeed at exactly the time I was already almost awake. When ordering I was a little afraid that wearing the wristbands with the sensors would annoy me, but they fit will without mayor nuisance.

So hopefully no more rude awakenings from deep sleep, but a friendly wake up call at the optimum time, which also gives you some more time in the morning if you are lucky to check news.

One final cool feature: via USB connection I could this morning actually see my sleep movements graphically on my PC.