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Repair iPod scratches with iDrops

Today I found out about a product called iDrops, that claims to enable me to make the scratchy surface of my iPod Video 60GB shine again.

As is generally known, the new generation of iPods scratches like hell if you don’t have protective covering. I was foolish enough to think people were exaggerating and were just treating their iPod too careless, so it did take me a week after I concluded that my iPod was scratching that fast that I ordered myself the Vaja iVod case to protect the player. Two weeks of shipping the case scratched my iPod even further.

Now I am a happy owner of the Vaja case mentioned, the scratching has stopped, but I would like to restore my iPod to its unscratched state.

So, I have ordered this product today (for US$ 14,95 including free worldwide shipping the risk is not that big), hope it works, will let you know.


(Via Ubergizmo)