Repair iPod scratches with iDrops

Today I found out about a product called iDrops, that claims to enable me to make the scratchy surface of my iPod Video 60GB shine again. As is generally known, the new generation of iPods scratches like hell if you don’t have protective covering. I was foolish enough to think people were exaggerating and were […]

Bush covers U2

Never knew that Bush was an U2 fan, but he covers U2’s ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ quite well. (Via BoingBoing, original video from

Classic gaming: Pole Position commercial

Spend many hours with this game, so nice to see the original commercial of Atari’s Pole Position. (Via BoingBoing)

Solve Soduko (without even thinking)

Nice procedure for solving Soduko puzzles (without even thinking). (Via BoingBoing)


Today I received a new ValleySchwag shipment: their third issue of Web 2.0 goodies. T-shirt, stickers, pen, notebook, just fun to receive such a surprise package each month.

IODA Promonet: Free promotional MP3 music

Looking for new independent music? For background music for your project that you can use royalty free? Go to Promonet of the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA). Here you find all kind of new unkown artists you can sample, including some promotional tracks in MP3 format you can download and re-use for free. As an […]