Stop the European Parliament moving circus

Here you can sign a petition to stop the cirus that costs the European citizens EUR 200 million a year: the moving of the parliament seat from Brussels to Strasbourg and vice versa. (Via Flabber)

Katowice, Poland photogallery online

Another busines trip, another photogallery: now the photo’s of my trip to Katowice, Poland from 14-18 May 2006 are online.


Cool new idea: want to receive all kind of stuff like t-shirts and stickers (“schwag”) of Silicon Valley startups, but are to lazy to go their yourself or search eBay for it, now you can for a monthly fee just let do the guys at do the job for you. I have just signed […]

Katamari now also for PSP

My recently bought game on my Playstation Portable is Me & My Katamari, the PSP version of the very strange, typically Japanese, but also increasingly popular Katamari games. A wacky game play, funny but strange songs and a story line only the Japanese can think of: it makes actually a great game! Click read more […]


Mix Starwars with Lord of the Rings and you get this Yoda vs. Gandalf disco battle. (Via Boing Boing)

Singapore and Bangalore gallery online

Again a new gallery online: this time the photo’s of my business trip to Singapore and Bangalore from April 23-29th.