Visualize taxes: a graphic chart of US tax spending

Very informative: in this chart you can see exactly where the USA spends its tax income on. You can also see the ridiculous amounts spend on defence: even the total of non-military spending (US$ 383 billion) is less than the total on military spending (US$ 399 billion). Would be nice if a chart like this […]

Japanese potato peeling

After the Japanese shirtfolding technique, now comes the Japanese potato peeling technique. Looks cool, I hate potato peeling even more than shirt folding 😉 (Via Flabber)

Funny Japanese video clip

Another funny J-Pop videoclip. (Via Flabber)

Enron e-mails now publically available

Everybody who wants to investigate the reasons behind the collapse of Enron can now read 300,000 e-mails online (free registration needed). Now you can see the reasons behind the collapse that was cause of the law that is nowadays giving me a full time job. (Via CPA Trendlines)

Make a word cloud T-shirt out of your weblog

At you can design a T-shirt with a word-cloud generated from your own weblog. For my weblog this has resulted in this T-shirt which can be bought by everybody now (altough I can hardly imagine that anybody besides myself would want to do that 😉 ).

Google bomb on Rita Verdonk

It seems that Google bombing is still working: the latest victim is the Dutch minister of Integration and Immigration. The result is that a Google search on the word ‘vreemdelingenhaat‘ (xenophobia) results in the biography of this minister as first result.