Online Commodore 64 emulator

Now you do not even need to download a Commodore 64 emulator, you can just play those great retro games online at this site. (Via Flabber)

Portable Apps Suite

Want your own favourite free suite of applications everywhere you go independent of the software installed at the PC you happen to be working at? Meet Portable Apps Suite! This gives you a complete office suite of applications running from an USB stick. Portable Apps Suite Contains: Portable Firefox (web browser), Portable Thunderbird (email client), […]

TorPark turns any internet terminal into a secure connection.

This great piece of free open source software turns any internet connection into a fully secured internet connection, so now you can do your internetbanking safely in a cybercaf√ɬ©. The package included Portable Firefox, so you can even use the best browser around instead of the browser that happens to be installed. Finally, with the […]