StarForce anti-software copying controversy

It keeps surprising me how far the software, games, music and movie industry is willing to go in a battle they can never hope to win. While each new copy protection appears to be hacked within a matter of days, the only thing these kind of unasked copy-protecting schemes are achieving is seriously annoying or […]

How it should have ended

Very funny site with animations showing the way films should have ended. My personal favourites are the alternative endings for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Episode IV. (Via Flabber)

Homebrew Games and Emulation for ALL PSP’s!

Very funny to see that every copy protection ever invented is bound to be hacked very soon. Now a very ingenious coder has opened up all versions of the PlayStation Portable firmware for homebrew applications, including the 2.6 firmware I am running on my PSP. Maybe I now should give homebrew a try. Read further […]

Nuts about film

Funny quiz to find out if you are nuts about film. (Via Flabber)

Crazy Japanese gameshow videos

A great collection of links to crazy Japanese gameshow videos can be found at this page. (Via Boing Boing)

Chinese New Year’s Songs

Like Christmas songs in western stores, apparently they play New Year’s Songs in Hong Kong Department stores. The Chinese songs are much funnier though… (Via Boing Boing)


At this website you can see how big your online ego is. I am quite satisfacted with my score. (Via Flabber)