Join the social music revolution at Here you can create your own radio station based on the music preference of the music you play most. So install the player via this link and listen to the radiostation based on my music preferences using this link.


Funny site with pointless Japanese gadgets for silly problems. The Wikipedia explanation of Chindogu can be found here. (Via Flabber)

Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

A classic children’s song performed by a U2 spoof.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino photography

A site with great photography. (Via


I always have a weak spot for incomprehensible Japanese flash music video’s, here is another one: Vipstar. (Via Flabber)

Katja vs. Bridget

On the Dutch TV broadcaster BNN a new show is featuring a battle between the two most popular female Dutch TV personalities. Part of this battle is getting the most visitors to their website. Of course I gladly support my favourite.

Fokke and Sukke go international (under an alias alas)

My favourite Dutch cartoon characters Fokke and Sukke have now gone international, so now the whole world can enjoy their cartoons. Alas, their authors have also decided to rename them to Duck and Birdie, as their Dutch names might be too spicy in an English speaking context 😉 English international site Dutch original site