Another funny O-Zone’s Dragostea din tei movie – Revisited

The most popular entry on my blog (and on many other blogs) still is that a guy lipsynching O-Zone’s Dragostea din tei. As a reprise of this log: this school class seems to be a fan of this video also.

Kill Bill’s Browser

Funny site that gives you 13 reasons to switch to Firefox. Google is now even paying for website referrals making people download Firefox, but alas this is for USA website owners only. So clicking this link to get Firefox does not earn me any money, it is just good advice 😉 Update: Now Google is […]

Bees (Lots of bees)

Nice flash animation with a catchy song about (lots of) bees.

South Park: Beavertown

YABSE (Yet Another Briljant Southpark Episode): this scene is a great parody on TV reporting after Katrina. (Via Flabber)