MC Yoda

It seems Yoda can do anything, now he can even dance and rap on a hip hop song. ‘That voice… hard on my throat it is.’ (Via Bright)

Starwars Episodes IV and V as animated GIF

A complete summary of Starwars Episodes IV and V in an animated GIF under 250 KB? It is possible, here is the proof: Episode IV and Episode V. (Via Boing Boing)

I go chop your dollar

Apparently, a pop-song about Nigerian e-mail scammers is hugely popular in Africa. Click here for the video and lyrics. Wikipedia explanation of the Nigerian 419 e-mail scam (Via Webwereld)

Lord of the Rings with World of Warcraft speak

What do you get when you subtitle screenshots from Lord of the Rings with chat captions from World of Warcraft? A very funny animated GIF! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Original (might be down due to high demand) (Via Boing Boing)

Canon automatic smile detection system

Well, this would be a nice addition to my future digital camera! Canon just showed a prototype of an automatic smile detection system, which should enable future camera’s to take the photo at just the optimal moment that everybody smiles and has his or her eyes open. (Via Ãœbergizmo)

PSP subway maps

Handy: PSP subway maps from all over the world. No Rotterdam and Amsterdam included yet, but it might come in handy for me while travelling abroad. Update: found links for Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Funny Dilbert comic on blogging

I never talk about work on my blog. Firstly, probably nobody is interested anyway (which may be true for the rest of my blog as well, but like to think otherwise 😉 ), but secondly my employer might not like it. The last reason is illustrated in a funny way in this Dilbert comic.

Atari MULE online

My all time favourite 8-bit game still is M.U.L.E.. I still sometimes play this game on my original Commodore 128D or a Commodore 64 emulator on my PC or telephone. Now someone has created a way to play the Atari version of M.U.L.E. online with 4 players! Check the Atari MULE online site for details.