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Logitech Harmony 885

Owning a AV Receiver, Media Center PC, a digital cable set top box, a TV and a DVD player is great. The downside is that they all come with their own remote control unit, so I had to use three different remotes just to watch TV (viewing using my TV, sound via my AV receiver, signal from my digital cable set top box).

Last week I have bought a solution for this remote control jungle: the Logitech Harmony 885. This remote control emulates all other remotes, has a nice color LCD display to see what you are doing and works by activity and not by device.

For example: to watch TV I know just push the button ‘Watch TV’ instead of getting my TV remote to power up my TV and switch to AV1, my AV Receiver remote to power the receiver up and switch to TV input and my STB remote to power up the STB and switch to the correct channel. Works like a charm and the remote is very easily programmable via USB connection and internet!

<%image(20050905-logitechharmony885.jpg|163|163|Logitech Harmony 885)%>
<%image(20050905-logitechharmony885_display.jpg|115|115|Logitech Harmony 885 Display)%> <%image(20050905-logitechharmony885_charger.jpg|115|115|Logitech Harmony 885 - Remote with charger)%>