You make me feel

Relaxing flash animation, apparently controlled by your local weather conditions and time: You make me feel. From the creators website: The Unseen Video, a weather controlled, dynamic music video for Mike Milosh’s – You Make Me Feel. The Unseen Video is much more than a normal, static music video. It is a video that is […]

Democracy lite

Flash animation about the new form of democracy post-US intervention style: Democracy Lite. (Via

Japanese anti-piracy ad

Anti-piracy ads tend to be very annoying, especially when you are forced to watch the ad each time you start a legally bought full-price DVD without any possibility of skipping it, it almost makes you downloading the illegal version instead. But at least this Japanese version is artistically more interesting (but very over the top) […]

Elevator hacking

Apparently lots of elevators have an express mode that lets you override everyone else’s selections and go straight to the floor you’re going to. You just press “Door Close” and the button for your floor at the same time. I don’t know if this works on non-US elevators too and I have not (dared to) […]

Michael’s Quest II

Michael Jackson in a 8-bit retro gaming flash.

Platform Zero

A very well made mix of video and animation in this short video: Platform Zero. (Via Flabber)