New York photo gallery

A new gallary is online: the photo’s I made during my visit to my sister in New York in May 2005.

Instant Political Manifest Generator

During these days it seems that in Holland every populist with a bad haircut can start a new party based on 10 one-liners without any substance as party manifesto. If you have ambition along the same lines (and speak/read Dutch, sorry this link is Dutch only), you can generate your own manifesto instantly on this […]

New gallery: my sister’s New York photo’s

My sister is working for 9 months in New York. Next to her busy job, she has some time left to make some pictures. A selection of these photo’s can be found in this new gallery. Also some pictures made by my parents and me while visiting her will be added here. Watch the frontpage […]

I’d give it all and Business

Two silly flash cartoons: I’d give it all and Business.

RJD2 – 1976

A very well made and beautiful video clip made out of photostills from Cuba. (Via Milk and Cookies)

Get perpendicular

Those nice guys at Hitachi not only promise to multiply harddisk capacities by 10, but they also have made a nice flash animation to explain how this technique works.


A very old (1946) instructional video from about the political factors that lead to despotism. However old, the message still rings very true today. Quote from the site: Measures how a society ranks on a spectrum stretching from democracy to despotism. Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power […]

Kitten Cannon

Another flash game where you can launch objects, but this time you can shoot with kittens instead of pinguins or Japanese biker boys. (Via Flabber)

George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator

You still haven’t got enough reasons not to trust Bush? Create your own new reasons by using this George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator. (Via Flabber)