Another funny O-Zone’s Dragostea din tei movie

Another funny O-Zone’s Dragostea din tei movie, now a guy lipsynching the song in front of his webcam.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trailer

On the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie website a great trailer is online. Click here for a direct link to the large Quicktime version of the trailer (51.5 MB). Visit the website for more formats. Can’t wait to see the movie (opening date 29 April).

Nanaca Crash

In the series of funny, crazy and strange Japanese flash animations, now a game: Nanaca Crash. Have fun! (Via Flabber)

Miko Miko Nurse

A whole series of hyperactive Japanese flash, all using the same song from some anime video game Miko Miko Nurse. The lyrics don’t make sense in any language I was told, but it is a catchy song 😉 Links: The original song in MP3 The lyrics of the song Flash animation 1 Flash animation 2 […]

Wow! World of Warcraft!

One reason my website will probably be less updated the coming period is because of this great but very addictive game: World of Warcraft. This game’s abbreviation certainly sounds true: WoW! Click to see a screenshot of my character page.

Google Maps find Weapons of Mass Destruction

If Google would have started earlier with Google Maps it would have saved Dubya lots of trouble… Google finally has the answer where those Weapons of Mass Destruction are hidden 😉 (Via


In the category strange, hyperactive and incomprehensible Japanese/Korean flash animation, this flash is a nice (Korean it seems) example. Don’t have any idea what it is about though.