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Website redesign

The last two days I have spent my time updating my website in several aspects:

  • Upgrade of the weblog engine from Blog:CMS v3.4 to v3.5.2
  • Redesign of the site layout to make it both simpler and more uniform. Apart from the DVD collection section, no frames are used anymore and the site is much less javascript heavy.
  • The weblog section is now XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, also the CSS used for the weblog passes the W3C CSS Validator. The other sections are not (yet) standards compliant because the scripts I use there are not compliant and I lack the knowledge and (especially) time to correct this myself.
  • With the help of a very friendly DVD Profiler forum user (thanks Fred!), I have installed an improved version of the phpDVDProfiler script for the DVD collection section. The old script was not compatible anymore with my increasing amount of DVD’s and the new DVD Profiler version.
  • The layout of all sections is made more uniform, the Book and Music collection sections are updated.

As always I like to hear any errors you might encounter and other things I have missed upgrading.

<%image(20050104-valid-xhtml10.png|88|31|Valid XHTML 1.0!)%>

<%image(20050104-vcss.png|88|31|Valid CSS!)%>