Mar Adentro

This movie really is a must see: a true story on human dignity and the right to decide about your own life. Official movie site (Spanish) / Official movie site (English) / IMDB

Roses are #FF0000

Well, this must certainly be the most geeky love poem available on T-shirt. Wonder how many will order this for Valentine’s day. P.S.: Don’t know what ‘All your base…’ is about? Check this flash, this official site or this Wikipedia entry.


Try playing this flash for a couple of minutes and you will have a new tune playing in your mind the whole day. (Via Flabber)

Phew! Only lightly nerdy.

Seems that 52% of the people who took this test were nerdier than me. Do not know for sure of this news is good or bad, at least you can see your own score taking the same test.

G-Cans Project

Another site with excellent photography: this time a Japanese site with photo’s of industrial sites. (Via Flabber)

Eye of Science

Great photographs of scientific objects using a microscope. Also great site design. (Via Milk and Cookies)

Fox gets owned!

Normally Fox News only has one-sided right wing propaganda. But it seems that even they can not always control their guests expressing their views… in this case on spending over US$ 40 million on the inauguration of Dubya. (Needs Windows Media Player). (Via Milk and Cookies)

The Malibu 9 – Rescues Mr Malibu

A cool and very original flashgame

Jib Jab – Second Term

JibJab is back again: another flash, now showing Dubya’s plans for his second term. (Via Milk and Cookies)

Cartman Undercover

This flash is a great South Park classic. “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY…!!!” (Via Milk and Cookies)