Give Bush a brain

Now that 55 million US citizens were crazy enough to re-elect George W. for another four years with the rest of the world unable to do anything about it, at least now the rest of the world can help out by giving Bush a brain 😉 (Via Flabber)

World Sunlight Map

A very nicely made world map showing current sunlight and cloud cover. (Via Flabber)

What Barry Says

What Barry Says is a very sound political statement packaged in a very well animated short film. (Quicktime format) (Via Flabber)

US Election leaves a bad taste indeed

A graphic representation of the bad taste the outcome of the US election leaves, one I can fully sympathise with. (Via Boing Boing)

Star Wars: The Changes part 3

The third and final part of the article describing all changes made between the original 1977 version, the 1997 Special Edition and the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars. Now all changes in Episode 6: Return of the Jedi are reviewed. (Via Slashdot)

US elections cartoon

A nice cartoon in today’s Dutch Metro newspaper.