Tech support

This flash file will be familiar to everybody who has ever called a helpdesk… (via Flabber)

WAP version of weblog

Today I have upgraded to version 3.4.7 of Blog:CMS. One of the new features is that now a WAP version of my weblog is available. So surf to with your XHTML Mobile 1.0 capable mobile phone to check this out! And as always: please contact me in case of any remarks or encountered errors. […]

Steve Ballmer: ‘I Love This Company!’

It’s an old one, but it still is funny: this video of Steve Ballmer as inspirator for Microsoft employees. ‘I Love This Company! Yeah!’

Star Wars Trilogy finally on DVD

After a long wait, the original Star Wars trilogy finally is available on DVD. Couldn’t wait to buy my copy today 😉 Links: Entry in my online DVD collection Star Wars website IMDB link Episode IV IMDB link Episode V IMDB link Episode VI IMDB link bonus disc documentary

Sad Balkenende

(via, sorry, only in Dutch)

Oh, Saddammy

George W. singing country style. (via Flabber)

Yeti Sports Pentathlon

The first five Yeti Sports game in one tournament, the Ylympics. (via Milk and Cookies) Also see part 6 of Yeti Sports: Big Wave.

Legend of Zelda in Live Action

Always wanted to know how the computer game Legend of Zelda would look in live action? Click here to see what the Japanese make of that. (via Flabber)

Google Rotated

A very disorienting, but funny, way of using Google… Google Rotated (only works in Internet Explorer, sorry for this).. (via Flabber)

George W. Bush: Words speak louder than action

Another funny Dubya video. (via Flabber)