Photo’s holiday Cuba online

August 12th-26th I travelled in Cuba enjoying my holiday. The photo’s of this trip are now online. Unfortunately one of my two memory cards broke down during transfer of the photo’s from my camera to my PC, so only photo’s of the second part of the trip are online.

Upgraded to BLOG:CMS v3.4.4

Again an upgrade of the weblog software. As always I appreciate bug reports, errors and/or comments.

Now also database driven book collection online

Next to my online music collection (see next item), also my book collection is now database driven. Build using the same software, but now using Book Collector.

New PHP solution for online music collection

Finally I have made a database driven solution for my online music collection instead of the old, hard to maintain and non-searchable static HTML pages. The music collection is now fully searchable and more flexible. I have build this PHP solution with the following software: Music Collector MySQL Front PHP Maker My book collection […]

How a fool sees the world…

This website features a very strange world map, or as the author explains: ‘This is a project visualizing the world map which many fools in the world imagine. If you can see this map comfortably, you are definitely a fool. One day, a Texan asked me a question when I lived in U.S.. The question […]

Cows With Guns

A very nice flash animation about a very revolutionary cow 😉 (From