Upgraded to BLOG:CMS v3.2 Truly eXtreme

I have (again) upgraded the weblog engine running this site. I am now running BLOG:CMS v3.2 Donald Trump Edition, one of the most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing systems on the market, developed by Radek Hulan. As always, I like to hear when you have comments or encounter errors. !++1++! For a full overview of the […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie is coming

A movie is made of another one of my favourite novels: Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (or H2G2 for short). Visit the official homepage and the official movie blogfor more information. Another great info source is the first H2G2 unofficial movie site, they even have the first teaser trailer online.

Which movie villain are you?

Admit your darkest urges and be honest. Fill in this quiz to find out which movie villain is closest to your dark side.

J’Attendrai le suivant

A short film about a complete new approach to dating…

Let them sing it for you

A great flash project of a Swedish radio station were you can input your own lyrics and get it sung to you by world’s greatest pop stars.

Dubya and JFKerry sing This Land

A very good parody on both US presidential candidates, featuring George W. Bush and John F. Kerry singing This Land and lots of other famous cameo appearances.

How to make yourself extremely unpopular

How to make yourself extremely unpopular during soccer matches. Click here to find out (Dutch).