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Vote D66 in the European elections

Tomorrow (10 June) in the Netherlands and a couple of other European counties elections for the European parliament are held, the rest of the European Union will vote 13 June. My choice is clear: D66 if you are voting in the Netherlands or another ELDR memberparty if you live in another European country.
<%image(20040609-d66.gif|136|90|D66)%> <%image(20040609-eldr.gif|136|90|ELDR)%>

But if you want objective advise:
Stemwijzer (for the Dutch EP elections) (English version)
VoteMatch (for pan-European advice)

One thing is sure, don’t forget to vote and let your voice be heard!

<%image(20040609-d66posterep.jpg|152|224|D66 EP poster)%>