Forum launched

As of today, this website runs a forum using PunBB 1.1.4, BLOG:CMS edition. Feel free to use this forum to discuss weblog items, this site or anything else you want to share.

Where did the time go?

Want to know how much time you wasted in your life? Find the answer here.

Upgraded to Blog:CMS

Another update of the weblog engine, my site is now running Blog:CMS 3.01 XE.

G.W. Bush Windows XP

Curious how Dubya’s PC is configurated? Click here to find out.

Vote D66 in the European elections

Tomorrow (10 June) in the Netherlands and a couple of other European counties elections for the European parliament are held, the rest of the European Union will vote 13 June. My choice is clear: D66 if you are voting in the Netherlands or another ELDR memberparty if you live in another European country. But if […]

Upgraded to Nucleus 3.0 Final eXtreme Edition

Another software upgrade for this weblog. Al seems working fine, but as always I like hearing about the errors I did not catch.