Build your own coaster… online

Liked roller coaster tycoon, buit want a simple online version? Here you can build your coaster online.

All the TV shows from my youth

On this page you can view the intros of all the TV shows I grew up with.

New Harry Potter trailer

Click here to download the new Harry Potter trailer so you can see some crew members have grown up more than others 😉

BNN has to stay on Dutch television!

Please support the Dutch public broadcasting organisation BNN by signing the online petition.

Starsky & Hutch Pinball

A really nice flash pinball game can be found at the Starsky & Hutch movie site.


Give Jan-Peter Balkenende (a.k.a. Bakellende, a.k.a. the Dutch Prime Minister) a different look. Now you can do something yourself about his funny haircut (Raar Kapsel ) 😉 Do it yourself on JP-remixer.

Japanese shirt folding trick

Until now I never was able to fold my shirts properly, but with these Japanese instruction videos even I can do it: – Link 1 (Albino Black Sheep, Flash format) – Link 2 (MilkandCookies, Quicktime) I can not understand a word they are talking about in the videos, but nevertheless the instructions are clear 😉 […]

Daily political cartoons

Another daily cartoon link: this site is featuring a daily selection of US political cartoons.

Daily comics

This site has made a huge online collection of the comics (Dutch and English) daily available on the internet. Enjoy! P.S.: The site is rather bandwidth heavy, so a fast internet connection is recommended

Queensday 2004 pictures

Today I have added some pictures made during Queensday 2004 at Museumplein, Amsterdam. The pictures are made with my Nokia 7650 camera phone, so don’t expect high quality photos.