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Japanese shirt folding trick

Until now I never was able to fold my shirts properly, but with these Japanese instruction videos even I can do it:

Link 1 (Albino Black Sheep, Flash format)
Link 2 (MilkandCookies, Quicktime)

I can not understand a word they are talking about in the videos, but nevertheless the instructions are clear 😉

UPDATE: The video is Chinese, not Japanese. Sorry for this 😉

UPDATE2: Now I know why the page hits were exploding the last days, see the discussion of this log on the Multiplay UK forums.

UPDATE3: The movies seem to have gone offline. I will try finding an alternative soon.

UPDATE4: Found alternative working links, updated the links above. I am told this video IS Japanese, but I can’t tell the difference 😉 Slightly different video, the trick is the same though.

<%image(20040511-shirtfold.jpg|236|179|How to fold a shirt)%>


Daily comics

This site has made a huge online collection of the comics (Dutch and English) daily available on the internet. Enjoy!

P.S.: The site is rather bandwidth heavy, so a fast internet connection is recommended

<%image(20040511-foksuk8may2004.gif|400|250|Fokke en Sukke 08-05-2004)%>