Bakellende shopping for mother’s day

According to this advertisement, the Dutch prime minister prefers to buy his Mother’s day presents cheap 😉

Too stupid to be president

A site full of funny George W. animations: Another nice source of Dubya humor: The George W. Bush Jokes and Humor index page at

The world votes!

Not a US citizen, but still eager to let your vote known in the US presidential election? Now you have your chance at The World Votes

Ireland music video

As you can see in my online photo albums, I went to Ireland on holiday last year. Click on [read more] to see a short video clip I made of this journey.

My favourite retrogame: M.U.L.E.

For those times I am in a sentimental mood I still like playing my all time favourite Commodore 64 game: M.U.L.E. Click on the [read more] link below for some nostalgia.

Cosmic Encounter Online

A great computer version of the Avalon Hill boardgame Cosmic Encounter can be found at You can play the game online against the computer or real persons, without the need of any software installed on your PC. Give it a try and mayby we can play a game together.


Somebody with too much time on his or her hands has made a mirror of Google… literally. Find out at elgooG what I mean.

George says…

Now you can make Dubya say anything you can think of, maybe this way he finally starts talking sense 😉 Create a custom George Says comic, you can even order the result as a refrigerator magnet!

Kill Bill flash game

Want to be like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill? Play the Kill Bill flash game. Alas, the text is in Czech, but figuring how to play is not that difficult. 😉

Do it yourself cartoon

Make your own cartoon at DIY cartoon.