Monkey hurt his head

Monkey hurt his head on a tree holding a sausage. Monkey hurt his head on a tree now he’s got brain damage.

Pinguin throwing

The original and much imitated pinguin throwing.

Idiot son of an a******

Nice song and flash animation of G.W. Bush. They even have a Dutch version 😉

Change of hosting provider

Due to growing dissatisfaction with my previous hosting provider, I have decided to move my site to This new hosting solution provides me much more webspace and more options at a lower price. If you have any remarks regarding availability, errors or loading speed, I would certainly appreciate to hear about this.

I Robot website and Asimov IQ test

The upcoming movie I Robot has a nice website, also starring an Asimov IQ Test. Go to the site, navigate to USR labs and take the test to find out what you know of the Asimov novels. Click here for the site.

Human Clock

Want something different than the Windows tray clock? View the Human Clock.