New PC!

A month ago I bought myself a new PC (only didn’t have time to put this message online before). For those who are interested these are the specs of my new PC: – CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ – Mainboard: MSI K8T Neo FiSR2R – Video: MadView Radeon 9800 Pro 128 Mb – Harddisk: 2x […]

100 Top Flash Games online has made a selection of the href=””>best flash games which can be found online.

Windows 2000 sourcecode

The leaked Win2k sourcecode can be found here 😉

Dishonest Dubya

I want one of these for my birthday: a Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure.

Take it out on your computer!

Stressed? Deadline approaching? Another visit from Dr. Watson or his friends? Take it out on your computer.

Asimov coming true?

Probably it’s just a daydream, but wouldn’t it be great to own an Asimov like positronic brain robot? Find out at to get a nice impression of this daydream. Alas it’s just a movie promo site (also see IMDB), but the website looks great. And, as an Asimov fan, can’t wait to see the […]

Virtual Bubblewrap

Stressed or just plain bored? No bubble wrap around to relax popping air bubbles? Now you can find an online solution at Virtual Bubblewrap.

Create your own superhero

Release your creativity and fantasy and create your own superhero(in) with the Hero Machine.