Starring: Gollum

Never knew Gollum could rap? Find prove at href=””> Also funny: Gollum’s MTV Award Acceptance Speech.

Colossus: Computer conversion of Titan boardgame

An excellent computer conversion of the great boardgame ‘Titan’ can be found at

Play with Bakellende

A funny platform game starring the Dutch prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende (aka Bakellende): According to Google Balkenende has a ‘raar kapsel‘ (funny haircut).

Bush still is a miserable failure

Find the proof at Google: George W. Bush still is a miserable failure.

Global Rich List

How rich are you? Find out at

Bush in 30 Seconds

The winners of the Bush in 30 seconds competition:

Gollum W. Bush

Fight the power of the right wing: